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Unlock the Secret to Stronger Abs at Any Age with ActiveCore Pro - Feel The Difference!

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Are you tired of doing endless crunches without seeing the results you want? The ActiveCore Pro uses cutting-edge electrical stimulation technology to help you achieve rock-hard abs with minimal effort.

Say goodbye to tedious workouts and hello to a more efficient way to tone your abs.

This US based tech company is disrupting a billion-dollar market with their latest new tech ab belt called: “ActiveCore Pro” – An affordable machine that strengthens your core, tones your abs all while doing other activities.

So, What Is It?

Meet the ActiveCore Pro!

The ActiveCore Pro is a fitness device that uses electrical stimulation to target and tone your abdominal muscles. This device uses electrical impulses to simulate the effects of traditional abdominal exercises, allowing you to achieve stronger and more defined abs with minimal effort. The device consists of a controller unit and adhesive pads that are placed directly on your skin over your abdominal muscles. With regular use, the ActiveCore Pro can help you achieve a more toned and defined midsection.


The ActiveCore Pro is suitable for anyone looking to tone and strengthen their abdominal muscles. This device can be particularly useful for those who struggle to make time for traditional ab workouts, or who have difficulty performing certain exercises due to physical limitations. It can also be a great addition to the workout routine of fitness enthusiasts looking to take their ab workouts to the next level.

So, What Makes The ActiveCore Pro So Special?

So, What Makes The ActiveCore Pro So Special?

Ab Stimulator

  • Burns Your Skin
  • Electronic Malfuntion
  • Low Battery Life
  • Complicated To Use
  • Nerve Damage
  • Waste Of Money
  • Costly Replacement Pads

The New ActiveCore Pro Stimulator

  • Comfortable to use
  • Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • Affordable
  • 6 Modes With 8 Intensity Levels
  • Replacement Pads Not Needed
  • 4.8 Star User Rating
  • High Quality Material

Unlike most traditional Ab Stimulators that tend to break, run out of battery, burn your skin or require costly replacement pads.

The ActiveCore Pro has your back! It’s so easy to use and has become a popular tool in the fitness industry:

  • Customizable Intensity:

    With multiple intensity levels to choose from, users can adjust the electrical stimulation to match their fitness level and goals. This ensures a comfortable yet effective workout every time.

  • Targeted Muscle Stimulation:

    The device's EMS technology targets all areas of the abs, including the lower abs and obliques, for a more comprehensive workout compared to traditional exercises.

  • No More Adhesive Pads:

    The high-quality adhesive built in padding uses water to create the connection from the belt to your abs. No longer will you have to pay for pads.

  • Portable Design:

    The compact and portable design allows users to wear the device discreetly under clothing, making it easy to tone their abs anytime, anywhere.

  • Rechargeable Batteries Included:

    The ActiveCore Pro Abs Stimulator features a rechargeable battery, which eliminates the need to constantly purchase and replace disposable batteries. With a fully charged battery, you can use the stimulator for multiple workout sessions before needing to recharge. The charging process is easy and can be done using a USB cable that comes with the product.

Overall, the ActiveCore Pro offers a more comprehensive and customizable ab toning solution compared to other similar products on the market, making it a superior choice for those looking to achieve stronger, more defined abs with minimal effort.

No Replacment Pads Required!

With this new built-in technology, you no longer have to worry about using pads when it comes to your abs.

No longer will you worry about:

  • Skin Irritation : Adhesive pads can cause skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. This can be uncomfortable and cause redness or rashes.
  • Replacement Cost : Adhesive pads need to be replaced regularly, which can add to the overall cost of using an ab stimulator.
  • Inconvenience : Applying and removing adhesive pads can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if you use your ab stimulator frequently. Without adhesive pads, the process of using an ab stimulator can be more straightforward and less messy.

Thank goodness the ActiveCore Pro won’t have you worrying about any of that!

How Does The ActiveCore Pro Work?

The ActiveCore Pro works right out of the box and is so easy to set-up, even a toddler can do it (though we don’t recommend it...;)

The ActiveCore Pro uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to target and tone the abdominal muscles. Here are the three steps that explain how it works:

  • Step 1: Place Belt Around Waist

    The first step is to place the belt around your waist and on the desired areas of the abs. The built-in pads are connected to the device's controller unit via a built in connection.

  • Step 2: Mode Selection

    Once the belt is in place, you can adjust the intensity level to match your fitness level and goals. The EMS technology targets all areas of the abs, including the hard-to-reach lower abs and obliques.

  • Step 3: Muscle Contraction

    As the electrical impulses are delivered to the muscles, they contract and relax in a way that simulates the effects of traditional abdominal exercises. This allows users to achieve a more comprehensive ab workout with minimal effort.

With regular use, the ActiveCore Pro can help you achieve stronger and more defined abs. The device's compact and portable design also allows for easy use anytime, anywhere, making it a convenient addition to any fitness routine.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of The ActiveCore Pro?

The length of the ActiveCore Pro Stimulator belt is 47 inches in length, the adjustable range is 27.5-45 inches and the length of the abdominal working part is 6.7x12.6 inches.

It’s time to say “goodbye” to not loving yourself in the mirror – and time to be in the know when it comes to your health, your heart, and overall fitness.

  • Customizable
    Intensity :

    Users can adjust the intensity of the electrical stimulation to match their fitness level and goals, ensuring a comfortable yet effective workout.

  • Advanced
    EMS Technology :

    The device's EMS technology targets all areas of the abs, including the hard-to-reach lower abs and obliques, for a more comprehensive workout.

  • High-Quality Built-in Pads :

    The high-quality built-in pads offer a comfortable fit during use. They are also gentle on the skin and use water to create the connection between the pad and the skin.

  • Portable Design :

    The compact and portable design allows users to wear the device discreetly under clothing, making it easy to tone their abs anytime, anywhere.

  • Customizable Programs :

    The device offers various customizable programs to suit different fitness levels and goals, ensuring a more personalized workout experience.

  • Time-Saving :

    With the ActiveCore Pro, users can achieve a more efficient ab workout in less time compared to traditional exercises.

  • Convenient :

    The device is easy to use and can be incorporated into any daily routine, allowing users to tone their abs while going about their day.

  • Results :

    With regular use, the ActiveCore Pro can help users achieve stronger & more defined abs with minimal effort, leading to a more confident and healthier lifestyle.

Who Should Use The ActiveCore Pro?

The ActiveCore Pro is suitable for a wide range of individuals looking to tone their abdominal muscles. Here are seven examples of who the device is for:

Fitness Enthusiasts:

Those who enjoy regular exercise and want to supplement their fitness routine with an additional ab toning tool.

Busy Professionals:

People with a busy lifestyle who don't have the time for a traditional ab workout but still want to tone their abs.

Postpartum Women:

Women who have recently given birth and want to tone their abdominal muscles after pregnancy.

Individuals with Limited Mobility:

People with limited mobility who cannot perform traditional ab exercises and are looking for an alternative solution.


Athletes looking to enhance their core strength and improve their performance in sports.


Older adults who want to maintain or improve their overall fitness and health, including their abdominal muscles.

Anyone Looking to Improve Their Appearance:

Individuals who want to improve their physical appearance and feel more confident in their own skin.

Where Can I Order My ActiveCore Pro?

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Step 2: Once you receive your ActiveCore Pro, remove from the box and power it on.

Step 3: Once on, select mode and intensity level and with consistent use, be amazed at your future self.


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What Are People Saying About The ActiveCore Pro™


I gotta tell ya. I did all the research on these types of devices and the research does state that they do work. At this point it’s literally only my second day using it. But I will say I definitely feel it agitating the muscle. I’m not super overweight I’m 210 pounds 5’ 9” with a little belly. I honestly wasn’t expecting to like this devise, but for the price I was like what the hell. I’ll give it a shot. Like I said, it’s only my second day, but I am definitely enjoying this devise as it being a helping aid to get a flatter stomach. And it is super simple to use, you spray the pads and slap it on your stomach. I have it on right now as I’m writing this. I think the intense level goes up to 15 or 18. I have it on eight right now because you definitely feel it working and I don’t know if I can go any higher right now lol. But if you’re hesitant on getting this device , I would definitely just give it a shot. But don’t expect it to work miracles all by itself. Like I said devices like this is just an aid to help you along the way, you still have to put in exercise and regular workouts. Good luck!

Jim Collins   | Verified Buyer


First of all i just wanna say, i do not work for this company..i am not a spokes person nor am i advertising in any way..i am just mary off the street simply sharing my results. I saw this product all over my Facebook feed so i decided to try it..i had my daughter 3 years ago and i am just now loosing all of my baby weight and instead of buying all new clothes i am trying to fit in all my old ones 😂😂...i am 5'2 and 115 pound, my final way in before birth was 175 so i have a lot of loose skin and belly fat. My results so far are pretty impressive. I am going to say i do wear this belt a lot..about 5 hours a day..i will not share my settings just because i have them set pretty high and i am very tolerate and used to the belt. I started off very low and increased as i went along..i do not wear this belt driving or sitting down, i used to ,but it seemed to curl up the very end so i only waer it standing up right and if i have to bend over i squat a little lol..first i spray a lot of water with the bottle it comes with for good contact than i simple use my sweat the rest of the day. This belt is comfortable and easy to hide under a t shirt. I love this thing!! I am definitely seeing results and i plan on wearing it the full 30 days. I really hope it works for you guys the way its working for me!

Susan Banks   | Verified Buyer


I've used this faithfully for about 2-3 weeks straight. Sorry, I can't say exactly how many weeks but the 2-3 is fair. I work from home so I use it as I sit working. On the weekends, I grab it too and I feel lost if I don't have it. Sometimes, I leave the belt on while I'm plugging the remote. Lol. After a full charge, ibuse it continuously until the battery runs dead. My favorite is number 5. At first, I have to start off in the low numbers and work my way up to the highest which is 15. I place it on my lower belly and also on top my abs. I would like to say half and half with the battery life but can't be too sure. I try not to walk around with it although I can still feel it, it sometimes doesn't feel as strong as when you're sitting or lying down. The proper way to wear it is as tight as you can get it but make sure you spray it with water first and place it on your skin, not over clothing and what not. I don't do any dieting nor do I do any other exercise for my tummy. (I occasionally work on the DB Method squat machine and yes, with this belt still on since im sitting, kind of) Anyway, I'm already noticing a flatter tummy AND ab defintion!! I wish I had before photos but I did take one now. I'm a little nervous to post it but maybe I will once you can REALLY see abs as a kind of before and after. No harm done using it as much as I do. Of only there was something for my back, love handles lol. I tried putting the belt over it and it seemed to work but could only do it on one side not both at the same time. Looking into Vibrosculpt. Yes, I'm a cheater but I'm a mother of two and somethings are hard to do when you're constantly chasing after littles or having to sit and work. It definitely works though and I'm excited to share pictures after maybe another 30 days.

Becky Stevens   | Verified Buyer


My husband bought this ab belt for me for my birthday. (well, I found it, ordered it for myself from his account, lol, and am thus writing this review from his account), and I love it!

Let me first say that I have been using ab belt stimulators since 2008. I was actually featured in two infomercials for the original (and very expensive) ab stimulator I bought back then as a real user with great success, but alas, the company finally went out of business, and thus my free gel pads for life also died with it. When I finally ran out of gel pads this past year, I started looking for a system that doesn't use gel pads, but the kind of technology this belt provides (gel pads wear out and are a bit messy feeling).

I did a lot of research, and decided that this one seemed like it actually works as it says it would, and decided (since some users reported that it just stopped working - I almost wondered if they didn't realize that the electrical stimulation part needs to be charged a couple of times a week, depending on how much you use it) to buy the extra protection, so just in case their was a malfunction, I could get a replacement or my money back. In any case, I've been using it daily since it arrived mid-December, often for about 4 sessions a night while reading back to back (which seem to last about 15 minutes each), and it works amazingly well. I also like that I can cinch it really tight (I am slim and have had trouble finding a belt that actually fits tightly around a smaller waist) without their being a ton of belt dangling at the end.

Also, some reviewers reported being "shocked" by the belt. I only had that "shocking" feeling that some have reported once, and I knew immediately that I didn't have enough water on the pads. Once I made sure that they were properly covered, that issue went away.

Finally, IT WORKS. Maybe even better than the system I'd been using for over a decade. I haven't been able to max out the system yet, and I like that there are six programs to choose from (although I like one and six the best), and I can see noticeable results - my belly looks flatter and has become even more defined. NOTE: I am 47 years old, so it's not like I'm 25 or something. I do work out regularly, but I've noticed that this has really enhanced the strength and definition of my ab muscles. Overall, take it from someone who knows ab stimulators and who has been using this kind of thing for years: this is money well spent. Get the protection plan for a few bucks more in case you get a dud (I bought it, even though it's worked perfectly since receiving it and I hope it will continue to do so), and remember that if it stops working abruptly to simply charge it. ;)

Lisa Thompson   | Verified Buyer


I received my package and opened the box and was like from the online photo, the toning belt looks to be a more solid piece of material, I thought this thing looks like it will not stand up to the job and yeah right just spray some water on it and it will work?????, What? LET ME tell you, don't judge this belt until you have USED IT! OMG, this BELT is phenomenal and inexpensive. Purchase it now so that you'll be ready for this spring and the rest of your life. Not only is it helping to tone my abdominal muscles (my core!) it has helped my posture and lower back pain/discomfort! YEP, it's a fact that strengthening your CORE (abdominal area) can help with back pain (The only core exercise that I do is a PLANK hold). I have/HAD that tummy that pulls on my lower back muscles and always had that discomfort UNTIL NOW! I've been using my belt twice a day for 2 weeks and I can see and feel the difference. This is one of the best purchases that I have ever made!

Mike Robinson   | Verified Buyer

ActiveCore Pro Electrical Stimulator

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ActiveCore Pro Electrical Stimulator

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